Thursday, April 12, 2007


Steven Seagal writes, sings, juggles, caters, produces, directs and stars in the modern day thriller Factions of Death. Playing Detective Vic Steamer, Seagal has stumbled upon a serial killer that posts clues about his next victim on his own blog. Tired from sleepless nights and battling an alcohol addiction, Steamer struggles to decipher the next target before it’s too late only to find the killer’s next prey is his own twin brother Alex (Lenny Henry).

With time counting down, Vic rushes across town, following clues left on the killer’s website before his brother is killed so brutally that they’ll need for than one body bag. Terry Wogan also stars as Vic and Alex’s dad, Cleveland.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Operation: Jumpzone X288

Steven Seagal stars as Todd Dagless, America's top Navy SEAL paratrooper. His next mission involves a dangerous drop over South Korean waters to save the Presidents Daughter (played by Judy Dench) from the hands of long-term nemesis of the U.S; Ruben Hussein (Denzel Washington).

Todd seems to think something is suspicious about the mission when his contact from intellegence gives him evidence that it is a setup. It seems that Good Old' Uncle Sam (Bill Murray) wants Dagless and the Presidents Daughter dead; and if Todd makes the jump, it could be the last jump he jumps ever.

Can Dagless trust his closest friends; Mutt (Ice Cube) and RC (The Rock) who are also due to take the jump? As the plane takes flight, Dagless has a tough decision to make.