Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Control, Alt, Delete

In this summers hi tech thriller, Control, Alt, Delete; Steven Seagal plays IT professor Suleiman Instinct. Instinct leads Harvards advanced research unit and is the best of the best of the best in his field of computer sciences.

When the Senators daughter is kidnapped, rather implausibly by being sucked through her facebook page; The president calls on Instinct to unhack the systems and free sweet Mary Anne.

Instinct knows he has his hands full when he realises expert hacker and former comrade (yet nemesis) from Nam, Buck Devious (played by Michael Barrymore) is behind the high tech kidnapping.

Thankfully he has ace student IT and hip hop pros, Crackside (played by Dizzy Rascal) and Vixen (Cheryl Cole) to help.

This summer when the megabites are down, Instinct has to make sure he Control, Alts and Deletes