Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Mulitple Hart Attack.....

This summer, the battle is moved from the theatre of war to the theatre of operations.

Steven Seagal plays Dr Jet Hart the finest surgeon of his generation leading a renegade but elite heart transplant team comprising of his trusted assistants, Nurse Bojangles (Pixie Lott) and Nurse Xstrike (Dappy).

When a patient who has undergone some sort of major surgery is found trussed up in Central Park barely alive, it is Harts fast response team who are called into urgent medical action.

What they find when the patient goes under the knife is truly shocking.  She has a complex bomb implanted in her chest with a countdown showing that they only have a short time to save her and themselves.  Incredibly, news breaks that the patient is also the presidents daughter who was kidnapped just hours earlier from her university campus.

The evil genius behind the plot is none other that Alzam Al Akhbar Ghazi (Jonathan Ross) who is demanding the release of 60 of his Black Death freedom fighters who are incarcerated in Yemeni jails.

Harts team know they only have 23 minutes to perform open chest surgery, save the presidents daughter, defuse the device and gather evidence that allows them to track down Ghazi and take him down using Hart's ex special forces skills.

Hart knows that the hospital administrators will try and tie him up in red tape and that the DA’s office is unlikely to want him and his team pursuing Ghazi with a range of high powered weapons. Thankfully, he also knows that the president will back up his old special forces buddy and so this summer, when the Hart attacks, you’d better be ready.


Hospital Chief Nixon: Goddamn it Dr Hart, you’re performing a cardiopulmonary bypass using a Bic biro, a straw and a sharpened stick in the Hospital car park…. You cannot cut this many corners Hart

Hart: Goddamn it chief – My team and I get results…. Some kids might get shot in the face but I ain’t gonna lose the presidents daughter, not on my watch.....


Ghazi: (gun jams) OK Hart, let’s sort this out… (both men draw knifes, Hart’s is a scapel)


Hart: Hold on Bojanles, these wires have a complex reverse polarity switch and the tactile pressure sensor is unusual... I've seen this bomb making before, it's smart... very smart.... cut the green one…


President: Dr Hart, I’m relying on you old buddy and so are the American people. Remember that time we drank tequila as the sun rose over the DMZ…

Dr Hart: Don’t worry about sweet Mary Anne Mr President, she is in safe hands


Shropshire Chronicle: The film probably tried to hard, it was confusing, Dr Hart seemed to be the only resource the president had to fight these international terrorists as he didn't trust the FBI or CIA?

The Star: Action, action, action, explosions and action… awesome! 5 stars.