Sunday, June 17, 2007

Fire with Fire

Seagal plays Franco Barbosa, a long serving member of the US Army whose friend since birth Jo-Jo (The Rock) is taken hostage by a violent terrorist group in Baghdad. The group are demanding the release of militant leader who is held deep within the US Army base, and are making low-quality video demands across the TV networks that if he isn't released; Jo-Jo will die.

Franco's boss Sgt. Jim Bauer (played by Morgan Freeman in his 605th role as military sargent) takes the government's line that they will not negotiate with terrorists, so Franco plans to break in to the base and take militant leader hostage for himself. Barbosa plans to use his 'gung-ho' approach to get his friend back unharmed; and beat the no-good terrorist that their own game. He's fighting fire with fire.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Steven Seagal plays MC RICO McCARVER, a Straight-up-R&B-garage-house-folk DJ from the Eastside caught in a bitter war of pure hate with the rival West Coast crew. Rico’s own band of artists are trying to defuse the situation with their breakthrough album ‘Hate the Hate’ and are days away from cutting their first record deal.

Rico’s right-hand man and friend since birth RedBlade (played by Richard Blackwood) is brutally murdered, and the group begin to suspect West Coast superstar’s MC DeadWeight (played by Hugh Grant) and 2-much-bling (played by Graham Le Saux). Just as the 2 teams are about to lock horns; it turns out that RedBlade was killed by fellow East Coast rappers in an attempt to keep the feud alive. Now Rico and his remaing crew; BackWood (Robbie Earle) and Tess-T-Fi (Sara Cox) have no option but to team up with their enemy’s to resolve their internal war.

They won’t be spitting rhymes, they’ll be splitting heads.

The beat isn’t in the club, its on the streets.

It’s a thug’s life.

They’ve got to rap this up.

Hatin’ the hate – East Vs. West – in cinemas June 2007.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Die To Let

Steven Segal plays Mitch McCormack; a die hard landlord who has to evict a number of no-good punks that have taken residence in his new apartments. The law states that he cannont use excessive force, but Mitch has other ideas. Jason Donovan also stars.