Sunday, March 04, 2012

Ticket to Fight

In this springs WHSmiths bargain bin DVD blockbuster, Steven Seagal plays Lt Col Daniel Strikedown, a special forces trainer who also works as a ticket inspector on the East coast mainline.

Trouble starts for Strikedown when some punks intent on drinking and causing disruption board the train and are not responding to polite request.  Things escalate though when it turns out that the group are not just a group of drunk punks but actually a terrorist cell and they plan on activating a dirty bomb in New York while travelling on the train.

What they don't know is that their ticket inspector is on to them and plans on taking them down one punch ata time.

Thankfully for Strikedown, he also has his colleagues Princess (Katie Perry) and Slipstream (Rapper Doubleshot) along for the ride.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Furious Friendly Fire

Steven Seagal plays his first drama role in Furious Friendly Fire, as Stern Winnerman - a retired army officer who has faced the harsh reality of Afghanistan.

Whilst serving his beautiful and courageous country (where a child can get a beer and a gun for a buck o' five); Stern sees his son Oscar (played by Mario Balotelli) killed during a training operation when live ammo is used. Oscar's death is covered up and Stern faces a concrete wall of red tape to find the truth. His wife (Played by Helen Mirren) disagrees with Stern, but is she hiding more than just saddness for the loss of her son?

Furious Friendly Fire features fantastic performances from Freddy Flintoff and that kid from Fast and Furious 5.

Swapping the gritty backstreets for the courtroom, and no-good punks for legally filed documents; Seagal dials up the acting as he fights conspiracy, justice, more conspiracy and a bit more justice.

From the Director of White Chicks, and the producer of Starship Troopers 8 (yes, they made more than one of them).

Coming to a free Netflix download near you in May.