Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cover of Darkness

In this summers direct to VHS classic, Steven Seagal stars as Lt Col Butch Lazerstrike.

Lazerstrike is a SEAL undercover black ops best of the best stealth operative sleeper cell who has assumed an alternative identity in suburban Tokyo.

When Mr Xu's (played by Michael Barrymore) triad gang try to take over the city and make international news by abducting some senators daughter, Lazerstrike is called into action by the president.

Thankfully he is backed up by his old buddies Hotpants (Lucy Liu) and fast talkin' Flashlight (Black Eye Peas and soon the triads of Tokyo are getting all busted up.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Silent Cold Strike -

I watched parts of an appaling Seagal film last night on Channel 5 and it inspired me to get back in and write another script for our ante lead man

This summer, if you like suspense, enjoy action and have an interest in Central American refridgeration, then maybe you should watch Silent Cold Strike.

When cool food storage expert, Gonzo McFirefighter (Seagal) starts work in a cold storage company in El Salvador, little does he know it will lead to a fight to the death with rival freezer sales companies across the latin american region.

Gonzo loves it cold, he sleeps in an ice box and only eats ice or ice cream. He is a renegade, descended from Irish, Spanish and eskimo stock, he freezes first and asks questions later.

Looking for a quiet life in El Salvador is difficult though when so many of the companies enemies want to take him down. Before long he is drawn into a bloody fight to the death.

Thankfully he can rely on his colleagues, fast talking Inxile (played by Usher) and Flame (Cheryl Cole)