Monday, March 04, 2013

Air Force Con

In this springs Blockbuster bankruptcy DVD bargain bin special, comes Steven Seagal starring as Lt Col Mitch McFirestorm in Air Force Con.

When the CIA uncover hints of a terrorist plot to hijack Air Force One, they need a specialist operator.  Taped recordings in the maximum security Ohio State prison reveal that jihadists are plotting to take the presidents plane and crash it into the Super Bowl.

Not enough details are known and so the CIA call on McFirestorm to help them out.  Sent in undercover, his legend is that of being Mustafa Murtaz a Yemeni freedom fighter caught and jailed by American Special Forces but crucially one with piloting experience. Winning the trust of his fellow inmates, he must extract information on the operation to save the president, the presidents inexplicably hot daughter, some kittens and some school kids who are all going to be aboard the plane in the final action scenes.

To complicate the mission, the CIA go through a major restructure and because all of the people who are cleared for security on McFirestorms mission and true identity are now dead or employed elsewhere, he is alone and forgotten about.

With no one believing who he really is, McFirestorm must carry the mission on and save the day.  His fellow inmates start to take him on trust after he beats on a few guards and he is involved in the plot.

Broken out of prison and smuggled aboard Air Force One, McFirestorm must take down the terrorists from the inside and in climatic final scenes, persuade the presidents daughter he is on the right side, gods side to avoid being shot by special forces.

The Daily Mail: Dreadful
The Times: Filthy, a stain on film making
The New York Times: in this day and age, no actor should ever black up, period.