Friday, October 10, 2014

Mirror, Signal, Outmanouvered

This Autumn, Steven Seagal writes, directs and stars in the action drama, Mirror, Signal, Outmanouvered.

When the team of CIA Black Ops operative, Captain Jack Dagger (Seagal), are compromised on a mission in deepest Glasgow, Dagger is forced to retire in disgrace.  Taking the news badly, he hits the bottle and falls back into a sullen existence as a driving instructor in Maine.

However, the circumstances of the mission failure and the stain it left on his impeccable service record remain troubling to Dagger.  One day, his peaceful, if not settled, life is turned upside down as a face from his dark past turns up and asks for lessons in three point turns.

Sergeant X-Signal, an old CIA buddy who led the team supporting Dagger's team in Glasgow from Langley, has some alarming news.  He suspects that Dagger was set up by an undercover Al Qaeda cell seeking revenge on Dagger for several punks that he had previously put in the ground.  If the CIA has a mole, Sergeant X-Signal cannot flush it out because he is simply too close to the organisation.  

Working together, X-Signal and Dagger decide to seek and destroy the infiltrators relying on their special ops skills and some pretty flimsy evidence.  Thankfully, they are joined by Candi Mirror (Kim Kardashian) the only other agent they can trust inside the agency.

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