Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Social Contract

In this summers topical online film release, Steven Seagal plays Karl Marxman, a tan leather coated mean son of a gun, employed as a special hit man by the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Ian O'Prudence.

Following an horrific economic crisis, the British government heroically sets out on a programme of cuts to social welfare payments to put the finances in order.  Some welfare families are selfishly objecting to the cuts and stand up and protest against the very wealthy bankers and honourable private business interests who are saving the day for the country.

O'Prudence (played by Mike Reid) knows he needs an enforcer, someone to keep the evil claiming bastards in check.  Plus the Primer Minister, Dave Bullingdon (played by Donald Trump in an active debut) is on his case and so he employs his old special forces buddy Marxman to clean up the dole office.

Problem is that evil Jeremiah Fylthbyn (played by Ben Elton), newly elected leader of the opposition is taking up with the lazy beggars and they are armed to the teeth.

Thank god Marxman has along for the ride, his legendary welfare claimant hunters, Honeytrap (played by Katie Hopkins) and D-Stryke (played by Dapper Laughs)

This summer, as the deficit rises, Marxman will put a benefit cap in the scroungers ass.

Quotes - Opening Scene

Marxman: Mind if I help myself (pops Champagne)

Onda Skive: Help yourself Darlin, (unbuttons top)

Marxman: Let me just relieve myself (leaves room) (returns with semi automatic with silencer and shoots Skive)...... (speaks into collar) Code Red Bedroom Tax, situation contained..... (radio crackles GREAT WORK MARXMAN!!!)

Quotes - Final Scene

Fylthbyn:  OK old buddy, time to settle some old scores

Marxman: Yeah (drops gun) (fight ensues)

Flythbyn: Goddam it Marxman, you were always too fast for me

Marxman: (stabs Flythbyn with pen in throat) Jesus McFlythbyn, you always were a pen in the neck.


The Daily Mail *** - Essentially an interesting film of our time but it was an odd choice of the Director to give O'Prudence (Reid) a calypso accent and his own song and dance number.

The Inverness Chronicle ***** - The Social Contract has rewritten the rules for political drama.  It asks the viewer unfathomable questions that will have you searching the depths of humanity, what more could you ask of a film than that.

David Starkey (Blog) - An accurate portrayal of life in Britain today, if only we had a Marxman to gun down our own waistrels.

Fabian Society Film Review * - The CGI effects involving wheelchair bound claimants being fed to sharks were disturbing, unnecessary but done with a touch of humour.

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